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America Needs to Get Serious about the Arctic

Several articles have described the Arctic as filled with opportunities to peacefully capitalize on resources exposed by melting ice caps. Despite the perception that the Arctic will remain the world’s most peaceful region, the United States needs to improve its ability to engage in Arctic and cold region conflicts. While it is in the United States’ best interest to maintain a peaceful, non-militarized presence in the Arctic, it needs to prepare for possible conflict with Russia.

Scott Borgerson’s article “The Coming Arctic Boom” and Andreas Kuersten’s article “The Battle for the Arctic” both note that contrary to many predictions, competition in the Arctic has remained peaceful. The majority of the countries with Arctic borders are rational actors with relatively transparent diplomacy. Their negotiations have allowed the Arctic Council and other forums to resolve disputes about highly valuable, contested territory more successfully than similar efforts in other regions. The Arctic also provides valuable economic opportunities in an area with relatively little infrastructure and few population centers threatened by other states’ operations in the region.

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Bron: America Needs to Get Serious about the Arctic | The National Interest

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